Monday, 24 April 2017

A walk in the park ...

Saturday afternoon on Barge Walk, Kingston
 Egyptian Geese - lovely colours on her back
 ... adorable!
 We're moored top right on the map about a mile north of the 'You are here' sign where we enter Home Park a place we love to walk
 Is George happy?  I think he is!

Seen on the overflow ponds east of the Long Water - we wondered if she'd had just the one which I think would be very unusual or if there had been others 'taken' by fish - we later saw Carp over 2' long basking in  the shallows in the warm sunshine.
 The overflow ponds are often used for model sailing boats

abandoned golf balls
 Hampton Court Palace at the end of the Long Water
we continued our walk down the right-hand side

 We've walked the length of the Long Water and cut across to the Paddock and exited onto the road
 Wisteria in full bloom

We usually re-enter the palace gardens at Lion's Gate but today continued along the road ... we've not been this way before

Bushy Park - we'll explore in there when we move to the Hampton Court moorings in a few days time

The scent coming from what I call the 'candelabras' on the chestnut trees was very heady.

New attraction at Hampton Court - a bit expensive though as it's time limited - 1.5-2 hours (free with palace ticket or £22 for family ticket 2 adults and up to 3 children)

We did stop for coffee and cake though!

Seen from Barge Walk on our way back - a wedding reception on Raven's Ait (island)
... and home.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Carol and George, Reading your blog makes me sure we will come down to the Thames again this season. When we were there in 2015, I wanted to explore Hampton Court Gardens but for some reason we didn't - we were a bit time constrained, if I remember correctly, as we had to be in Oxford to collect the grandsons for part of their holidays. This season though, we intend to give ourselves more time to explore the towns, villages and gardens as you two do.
I love reading about the places you go to and it inspires me!
Hope we will see you for a few wines and long chat before too long!

Carol said...

Chardonnay in the fridge!