Monday, 17 April 2017

London day 12 part 2 - organ playing

Walking along the Embankment to clear our heads after our visit to Tate Modern thinking about where shall we go for dinner today!
Container barges pushing against the flow past our last view of St Paul's this visit.
We've heard a lot of good music from buskers here
... here comes another one!

... the river is really busy

I think this is Waterloo Blackfriars Bridge and wonder if these huge pillar supports previously belonged to a former bridge of the same name ??

We crossed the River Thames via one of Hungerford Bridge's Golden Jubilee bridges ...

The very busy Westminster Bridge in the distance
(this was the day after the funeral of PC Keith Palmer)
'Really Good' the 11th artwork for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square 
It was too early to eat so we went into St Martin in the Fields for a while and where someone was playing the organ beautifully.  

Done it via You Tube!
I took a video at the church which I had hoped to insert here but I cannot get to grips with iMovie, even short video clips are too large for Blogger to load and it appears that I need to download more software to compress them.  If anyone knows anything, or anyone who can help me I would sooo appreciate it.


Paul said...

The bridge with the columns next to it is Blackfriars railway bridge and the pillars are from the first bridge built.

Carol said...

Thank you Paul - duly updated.

Vallypee said...

This photo tour is marvellous, Carol! I've so enjoyed it! And how great to see the container barges on the Thames. That's real traffic isn't it? I love seeing them over here too!

Carol said...

Glad you're enjoying the pictures Val. When we are in the city the busy river is where we love to sit and watch the world go by. Nice to see that you've managed to get our faring, here's wishing you many more trips this season.