Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Oh deer!

We’d intended to be away from Kingston by 10 yesterday morning
but were delayed by the tree cutters … we had to wait ...

… for the logs to be delivered to the boat, there’s more on the bow, lovely boater’s gold! The same thing happened to us here last year but two weeks later!
In the meantime we had lunch and were away at 12:15 here passing  St Raphael’s R.C. Church
It was only a short cruise, about 1.5 miles to Hampton Court where once moored up we went for a walk in Home Park
It was another sunny day, we are so lucky!
Coo, a deer in the trees!
Fountains at the end of the long water

Swans and ...

… their offspring
… and the fountain at the back/front of Hampton Court Palace
… and more deer … beautiful!

Anyone know what this is?



Sue said...

Oooo right place, right time.. Ditto for us to today!!

Carol said...

Can't beat a bit of free wood as winter sets in!

Diane and Ray said...

Wouldn't of thought you needed more wood after collecting all of Vic's !!!!!! xx

Carol said...

I knew you couldn't resist that! Stirrers! x