Wednesday, 19 October 2016

All on our lonesome at Hampton

Delivery collected we left Kingston yesterday late morning and returned just a mile or so up river, we're now on our last cruise before taking up our winter mooring.
Now at Hampton Court, as you'll know, one of our very favourite moorings.  It's empty of boats behind us
... and in front of us
... and has great views.
In the afternoon we walked for the last time this year through Home Park
... he let me get within about 10 yards of him before he began to fidget a bit and I backed off
... his harem is not far away!
Hampton Court's Long Water
Sun setting behind the trees 

Molly sight is getting poorer now and some days it seems she's completely blind.  We've been worried that she may bump into the fire and hurt herself so I walked into Hampton to see if I could find a fire screen.  Very pleased with this brass one circa 1920 found in an antique shop for £45 but I paid £35.  It's solid and won't move about on the hearth, but I must remove that price tag!

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