Sunday, 16 October 2016

New life at Runnymede

These lovely pictures were taken by George when returning from Egham on Friday. The calf is still wet so is very newly born.
In January this year when we were coming through Cassiobury on the Grand Union Canal we collected more wood from the stash left from our first discovery of this Beech tree way back in November last year ...

When George came to chainsaw them into rounds and chop them the axe bounced off several of them.  Thinking that they were probably too wet we put the rounds into the top box to dry out where they stayed until Friday afternoon when out they came with the chestnut wood we collected from Kingston to be cut up and stored for use this winter.

Unfortunately even though the beech was thoroughly dry and even cracking the axe was still bouncing off!  George eventually resorted to his splitting bomb!

One hit with his 20lb lump hammer and it was in ...

... and he wondered if he'd ever get it out again! He did eventually manage to retrieve it but not to chop those rounds, so if you moor up at Runnymede that wood has been left in the copse for you to have a go at! 
 Saturday's full moon rising and the night temperature dropped to nearly freezing but then the rain came ...
 It's been raining off and on all day today culminating in this rainbow above the Autumn clothed trees
  Still Rockin's turn for dinner today
  .... and the canines are looking out for any scraps!
6 o'clock and the sun is just setting after a lovely weekend.
We'll be on the move again in the morning.


KevinTOO said...

What a wonderful photo of the 'girls' awaiting their lunch... :)
By the looks of the previous picture there were no scraps left... :(

Carol said...

There wasn't Kevin, they had canine biscuits instead!