Sunday, 30 October 2016

A family day out!

It was dark, damp, drizzly and raining and not too warm either and we could barely discern Clivedon House through the murk as we left our mooring at about 9:30 yesterday morning
You may remember last time we came this way I posted this picture of Clivedon's Boathouse which was being renovated
... because it was in a really sorry state of repair
 It now looks amazing, a new roof and new paintwork; I quite like the red tiles and the plummy/brown paint.
Flood lines on the boathouse wall show the age of the building.

Contining on to Cookham where we see one of the new le boat hire boats, plenty of fending-off wrapped around it too!

... and the family day out?
... moving three small boats from the lock cut to the local slipway took a bit of doing but worked well in the end.
Lots of different craft on the reach above Clivedon, youngsters learning about steering on the river
... and more experienced rowers out in force
... and a two-man canoe even though this only shows the one in front!

We soon arrived below Marlow Lock where we pulled over, tied up, lit the fire and relaxed once again.

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