Sunday, 23 October 2016

Meeting up again

A late start yesterday morning, shopping to do in Windsor and then the water tank to fill before we set off on another very short cruise
 The yellow duck trips continue
... and the trip boats are still tripping, and not too slowly either.  
The river will probably be busier this week as it's half-term holidays for the kids.
Just the one lock today at Boveney and the lockie is on duty here
 Half a mile further and we see our mooring but that's not the boat we expected to see!
 Oh, there they are! Sue is just pulling out ...
... and passing us ...
 ... and Vic has come to wait for her to bring NPXL in behind the dutch barge

 ... so that we can moor up in front as Still Rockin' a bit longer than No Problem, so here we are together again for the weekend.
Lovely sunset through the trees as the bbq is lit after Sue and I and her two canines returned from our walk of approx 4 1/2 miles round trip to the garden centre at Dorney, I needed some pots for a future project.

The bbq was as good as ever and the mushrooms we'd picked were perfect.  We ate on the back deck of Still Rockin' and because George had banked the fire and closed all the pram hood covers it was cosy up there.  But one problem ... although I'd lit loads of candles and we had a hanging light, it was a bit on the dark side, so I'll investigate some suitable overhead LED lighting for next time.

To round off another good, fine weather, not too cold day someone very kindly put on a firework show for us ...

Not perfect pictures, but you get the idea!  I like this last one though very much!


Sue said...

Fabulous BBQ that was too.. Thanks Carol and George and what great pics of the fireworks.. What a grand display that was too.

Carol said...

You're welcome Sue, it was a good day!

Vallypee said...

Lovely photos of the fireworks, Carol! They're brilliant! How nice to meet up with another blogging boater. Such a well known name too. It's great to meet other friends on the way, isn't it?