Friday, 28 October 2016

A fab day!

Leaving Dorney this morning ...
 ... and saying cheerio to Sue and Vic once again we set off for Marlow, 10 miles and 4 locks away.
Passing Oakley Court resplendent with virginia creeper 

... and this rather strange 'sculpture'?

Monkey Island ... the lawn is being main-tained but I wonder what will become of the property
 Lovely lock house at Bray, a bit different from the usual Thames Conservancy lock houses.
 Maidenhead was busy with rowers
 ... and I've been wondering what this development was all about, so now I know, a restaurant, residential properties ... and a marina!
 Really lovely to see some flowers still blooming ...
Cosmos, one of my favourites
 ... Nasturtiums 
 ... and Rose of Sharon.
 Through Bray and Maidenhead and those who know us and the Thames they'll know where this is ...
 ... Clivedon ... where we decided that it was such a lovely day both for cruising and/or walking 
... we would pull into one of our very favourite moorings, go for a walk and stay the night ... Marlow will still be there tomorrow!
We thoroughly enjoyed shuffling through the fallen autumn leaves up the hill
... where we came across lots and lots of families partaking of a halloween trail looking for ghosts and ghouls and anything frightening!
 We always enjoy walking on the National Trust land here
 ... where the views never fail to amaze.
Back to Still Rockin', a glass of wine on the stern deck and relax after a fantastic day.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely (as usual)photos Carol, firstly it still surprises me that I chose XL's name! Should be getting used to it by now but looking at your first photo of this post really drums it home. (Mind you, Her nickname's pretty good too!)
I wonder if the Oakley Court 'Sculpture' is prep work for a FireWork display?
I do like that view of Cliveden, I've driven up to the front a few times but I think this is the better side.
Careful shuffling through those leaves, check out Jills FB picture comments of the Autumnal colour over there!

Carol said...

Thanks for your comments Andy, I don't think I've seen a comment from you before. Yes you could be right that the sculpture at Oakley Court would be for a fireworks display. Jill fb autumn pictures are very good indeed.