Thursday, 8 September 2016


Once I’d taken full advantage of shore power and done all the washing yesterday, we disconnected the umbilical cord and reversed from our lock island mooring to the water point just above Abingdon Lock. 

Fortunately for us a boat had just vacated that spot ...
 … but it wasn’t more than a few moments when every man and his dog wanted water … Nauti-Bouy decided not to wait 
Just as our water tank filled Sagar boats Edith and Anna also decided not to wait and instead pulled in front of us to go down the lock which meant that they would take two locks before we could go down, so we waited and waited (dejavous of Bank Holiday Monday).  We hoped that they were not going to take up space on the town moorings as that’s where we want to go today.

Still Rockin’ had been moored in front to these two boats whilst we were away and we were glad to move away from Edith as the black water (read cesspit) exhaust is at the front and it was not pleasant! 

By the time we did descend the lock there were at least 5 boats hovering in the river stream waiting for either the water point to become free or to moor on the lock landing.
 Luckily for us they found space by the park.
 Views from Still Rockin’ this morning … cricket, croquet and football pitch.
It’s a good 5 degrees warmer down here in the south than it is on the west coast of Scotland and I can tell you we were glad to be able to don on our shorts and t-shirts once again!


Paul said...

Hmmmm ... perhaps we need to keep a respectable cruising distance from you :) You seem to be a magnet for traffic !! When we came down two days ago it was deserted. To be fair the delays you had over the holiday weekend were mild compered to downstream. We were just below Temple lock and walked up to the next one for a coffee. It was total chaos ... the lockie said waiting times were apprx 3 hours to go down, and few people were getting a little frayed.

Thank you to George for saying hello on Tuesday eve when were still at Abingdon, great to meet half of the team.

We are at Goring tonight and it's beautiful. Maybe see you when we (well me anyway) are at Beale Park for the next few days.

Carole & Paul

Maffi said...

On my way up the river. See you soon.

Sue said...

Welcome home!

Carol said...

Brilliant … stop for a meal with us this time. x

Carol said...

Thanks Sue, will catch up with you both again soon. x