Wednesday, 28 September 2016

To another historic place

George returned the hire car yesterday morning and popped into Windsor for a few supplies
… before we untied from our mooring and headed for the water point
So it was 11:15 by the time we were cruising past Windsor Castle
Past the Crown Estate and through Victoria Bridge

and descending Old Windsor Lock
A couple of miles later passing the site where the Magna Carta was probably signed
… and seeing the Airforces Memorial at the top of Coopers Hill

Back up mooring is free if the pole position is not!

… and it wasn’t!  We turned upstream and moored up
We are of course moored at Runnymede and this is our view upstream
The view downstream this morning promises a sunshiny day!

Update from our vet visit on Monday - Molly has been having ‘bad’ days more frequently lately; her sight is worse on these days because of the high pressure in her eyes due to glaucoma.  This gives her a nasty headache and she usually takes herself off to sleep until she’s feeling a bit better.  The ophthalmologist advised us to use the Travatan drops if we see either or both of her eyes ‘cloudy’ and repeat after 30 minutes, this in addition to the 4 x daily Travatan drops prescribed.  This seems to be working for the time being, but as the vet always tells us, Molly will outlive her eyes.  All we can do for the moment is to fend off that time for as long as we can.  If it becomes too much for Molly the decision will have to be made to remove her eyes therefore removing all the pain but giving her quality of life albeit a blind one.  We can cope with that.

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