Monday, 5 September 2016

Abingdon, a place of many parts, part four

 We certainly are enjoying the Thames, so much in fact that we’ve taken a winter mooring! We shall be staying the winter at the lovely Hambleden Marina situated on the Thames between Marlow and Henley and we’re looking forward to that experience!

Exploring the Thames Path around Abingdon Lock ...

Moorings in the weir stream, where we’re currently moored.

Crossing the weir ...

where if you look very closely just to the right of mid picture above you’ll spot … the heron ...

… and two mallards trying to stay upright in the fast-flowing stream to catch all the ‘goodies’ coming down!

Not sure if this stream that we cross is part of the Thames’ original route or a tributary of the Thames.

Having said that this is the Thames Path it turns out that it’s part of the National Cycle Network!
A little further on we came across these guys working the very hot sunshine.  I thought they’d cut the grass by hand and were turning it to dry for silage but speaking to one of the volunteer conservationists we found that a small machine had been used to cut the grass and the men were now moving it to a ‘pile’ where it will decompose.  Clearing the land in this way will help with the continued growth of native wild flowers.

It was far too hot to continue our walk so we turned back to the relative cool of Still Rockin’ and relaxed.

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