Monday, 26 September 2016

Out and about ...

Saturday morning here in Windsor
… dawned chilly but with a lovely sunrise promising another good day … summer continues down south!
A family friend came to see us and we went out for a short cruise past Windsor Castle and the Home Park to Victoria Bridge and back to our original mooring.

Saturday night we spent a couple of hours at the George Inn at Eton with Sue and Vic (No Problem XL) and on Sunday we hosted a roast lunch on the deck of Still Rockin’.

Today we had an appointment for Molly at the ophthalmologist at the Vet Specialists in Hitchen, Herts.  We’d hired a car but the appointment wasn’t until 3:30 so where could we go in the car?  I looked at the map and realised that Cowroast wasn’t very far off the route to Hitchen so I rang Jaq to ask if she and Les were up for a visit.  Yes, she said we’d love to see you!
 Dear Sir and his best beloved.  They were so pleased to see us, in fact Les said that he was dying to see us (no words are forbidden in this boat).  We weren’t their only visitors this morning either ...
 Marilyn and David are in the UK for a few weeks and had called to give Les some grief (as was expected and accepted by Les)!
We spent a lovely couple of hours with this very special, brave couple and we sincerely hope that Les will stay around long enough for us to visit him a few more times at least until his birthday next year!
It was turned 6pm when we arrived back in Windsor after a busy but very rewarding day.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Carol, It was such a lovely surprise to see you two yesterday - I'd been thinking of you and working out how to get in touch, when Jaq said you were coming to visit too! Yippee!
In NZ terms I gave Les what is known as stick. He'd have thought he was truly at death's door if I hadn't, now wouldn't he!?
We are aiming that he is still with us when we get back to the UK (and a full season's boating) in May next year. After all, I haven't had my fill of hassling him yet ...
Big hugs to you both, M&D

Les Biggs said...

So nice of you all and that we managed to laugh our way through the day.
Thank you so much for making it such a nice day that just went to quickly.
I shall be doing my utmost to do it all again many times.
Led x

Chas and Ann said...

Oh how good of you both to visit Les n Jac. Nice to see them coping so well. Love Chas n Ann

Carol said...

It was good to see you two too!

Carol said...

It did go too quickly Les, but any longer may have tired you out too much! It was lovely couple of hours seeing you and Jaq looking well and happy. We’ll see you both again soon, in the meantime checkout the stereos. xx

Carol said...

It was good to see them both. Hope both of you are well. Saw your pictures of grandsons birthday of fb, it looked as if you were having a good time. xx