Thursday, 22 September 2016

Another fine day

 Half past eight and George steps off to Still Rockin’ to cast off from our lovely mooring
 … at Clivedon where he winded (turned) leaving this view behind us.  We saw that notices have now been erected along the path informing boaters that a £9 mooring charge is payable to the National Trust but no-on came to collect any fees from us whilst we were there.

Boulters Lock at Maidenhead is still on Self-Service

nb Victoria and Still Rockin’ go in

 … descend and leave, all very smoothly done.

Pretty bridge at Boulters
 Another lovely bridge as we cruise through Maidenhead

We’ve never moored at Cookham maybe we will when we come back this way in a few weeks time
 Abseilers inspecting the M4 bridge over the River Thames 

Safety boat

 All while the traffic was hurtling overhead on the busy motorway
 We have reached our destination … before the bend there on the left
This afternoon we took a walk with Molly through the arboretum at Dorney which of course was the rowing venue for the 2012 Olympic Games and is Eton College Boating Centre

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