Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cruising downstream

 Not an early start yesterday morning, it was 10 o’clock when we left our mooring near Dorchester
 We could have taken our pick of available moorings above Days Lock
 This one for sale if anyone’s interested!
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There’s a lockie on duty at Days, when we’re through we’ll pull over onto the landing stage under that bridge and use the services there before continuing
… past Benson Marina with it’s fleet of Le Boats

 Sharp right into Benson Lock
 … where we had to wait a while
 Environmental Agency maintenance staff doing their thing
 Midday and we arrive at our destination, again plenty of mooring to be had
A couple of hours later a boat horn sounded, we’d surprised Maffi as he expected to bump into us at Abingdon later in the day!  He came onboard for a cuppa, fish supper and drinks with his lovely Molly seen here looking a bit sad, but she’s not really, she’s such a happy dog.
 Wallingford waterfront at night.

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