Saturday, 17 September 2016

A good cruise to Sonning

 We left one of our favourite moorings this morning just after 9
 … passing these lovely houses although that bank behind would bother me
 This unloved boat has been here for a couple of years … the notice says ‘Danger … vessel under repair’ … oh yeh?
for sale on Shooters Hill above Whitchurch Lock, Pangbourne for a cool £1,300,000!

Unusual steam boats
 First of three locks today and Whitchurch lock gates are already open for us

Chinese Lantern plants in the lock gardens

The river was busy with rowers of all kinds today, we’d forgotten that this is what happens on a weekend!

Just imagine …. it’s winter and everywhere is covered in snow … you’re on a canoe shapes sledge at the top of the hill …. the back and front doors of the house are open … and down you go … into the river ….oh what a ride!

Second lock of the day at Mapledurham but no bacon and mushroom butties for us today … it’s too early!

It’s a bit chilly this morning and Molly hunkers down.
11 o’clock and on the approach to Reading

Is he thinking of making his nest here I wonder.

Looking back at Caversham Bridge as we enter Reading.
The new pedestrian bridge and Reading bridge and this wonderful staircase!

A queue at Caversham Lock, lots of rowers waiting to go down

The rowers have descended but we won’t be going in for another two locks yet … and there’s now a queue behind us too!
It’s good to see the black swans still here.  George’s photo as I do a quick shop at Tesco’s - plenty of space to moor today.

Nice boat!
That’s our mooring space!
With a view towards Sonning Lock
… and locking back from whence we came at 5:30 this evening.

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