Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Traffic jam!

We only needed to move half a mile and through one lock to fill the water tank ...
 … but within 10 minutes we were in a queue below Abingdon Lock
 boats coming down
 … and a Salters trip boat sitting on the lock landing going nowhere it seems!  Another lock full goes up and we move slowly on but there’s no more room on that landing so we ‘hover'
 Another Salters trip boat Goring fully loaded comes behind us
 Still hovering as we’re informed that a deal had been done with the lockie to allow Goring in on the next lock up going ahead of us
 Time is money!
 After just over an hour of waiting it’s now our turn
but there’s still eight boats waiting behind us! A very busy bank holiday Monday!


Geoff and Mags said...

It's a lot quieter up here in the norf!

Carol said...

… but it’s a lot warmer dahn souff! xx

Paul said...

By way of comparison ... we were moored just below Temple lock (above Marlow) and the wait to get downstream from the lock above was at least 3 hours on the Bank Holiday. We sat at a nice lock side café and watched the stress go by :)

Carol said...

So we didn’t have it so bad after all!