Saturday, 20 August 2016

Don’t know which way is up!

Thursday morning 6 o’clock, an early start today we need to fill the good tank and empty the nasties!
9:15 and jobs done George winds (turns) Still Rockin'
… and we re-enter Abingdon Lock, we’ve got time to kill so are retracing our steps

This notice made us smile but at least it’s clear for novice boaters!

Red floaty things!

We say cheerio to Peter and Karin on houseboat Gypsy Willow

The River Thames between Wallingford and Abingdon is a huge horseshoe shape and we pass Didcot Power Station at least 6 times sometimes on the left bank, sometimes on the right!

Collecting the crayfish traps from the riverbank

The chap on the narrowboat said that the’d had an ok harvest this morning.

George quoting the mantra ‘leave the green bouys on the right when going upstream’ and this threw him a bit until I pointed out we were now going downstream!  

I tell you, we don’t know which way is up at the moment!
It’s not long before we can see Wittenham Clumps in the distance

Could he be waiting for someone to open that gate so that he could meet up with his pals on the other side perhaps?

We’re now back at Dorchester moored about a mile above Day’s Lock

… with lots of open space on the meadow

… a good view upstream

… and downstream

… of the wide river just here

… and we can still see those chimneys!

I am astounded at these pictures of the sunset here at just after 19:30.  These have not been enlarged or edited in any way and with no special camera settings either!

We shall sit out the forecasted gale force winds and rain here for the next few days and then we shall be turning once again and returning to Abingdon.  (we still don’t know which way is up!)

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