Saturday, 6 August 2016

Makes your heart soar!

 View from the bow yesterday morning
 Farmer turning the grass to dry in the sunshine
 … and the Red Kites arrived

At one point I counted 10 kites 
As the grass cutting was nearly finished the kites were coming in for the kill
 swooping and soaring taking the opportunity of a ‘meal’ attempting to escape the tractor spines

 The farmer has finished his job in this field today and came over to chat to us about his work, our life etc., very interesting and informative
 Photos by both George and I
 When the excitement was over and lunch was taken we went for a walk
 cooling off, but she didn’t like the waves coming at her when a boat went past causing a wash!

 We walked about four fields where the farmer had been working and Molly enjoyed jumping the rows of cut grass … and she’s still carrying that stick!

 Relaxing on the meadow when we got back to Still Rockin’ Molly is off her lead, very unusual indeed but it was so quiet and peaceful as George prepared the bbq for our evening meal.
 A beautiful sky at nine pm
… and this morning at 6:30 with a mist rising from the river and a temperature of just under 7 degrees it promises another lovely summer day!


MikeW said...

Cracking pictures Carol. Whenever I try and photograph a Red Kite I finish up with a stiff neck and a picture of some sky! Lovely posting. Enjoy.

Carol said...

Thanks Mike!

Sandi said...

Lovely photos as usual, wonderful of the kites, by the time I'd found one it would have gone!!! Great to see Molly enjoying herself, glad her medication is helping. Keep well all, love you. Sandra. Xxxx

Carol said...

Thanks Sandra, love you too! xx