Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A new mooring for us!

We left our Beale Park mooring and this rather nifty Sea Otter boat on Monday morning 

… made our way through Goring Lock to Cleeve Lock where we half filled the water tank as we could see a mooring space just past the lock and there was a queue for the water point

The Swan Pedalo’s belong to the Scouts and this couple will have peddled 5.5 miles to Cleeve Lock where there was another Scout waiting to take over one of the positions. It is of course to raise funds for various charities.

This mooring is new to us and we like it. Cleeve Lock is just to the right of the middle distance.

It’s wide here with long views

Opposite our mooring a rather pleasant if large house, not the original I think; I wonder what it replaced.

We’re a couple of feet away from a sloping bank so have deployed the plank (the board, not George!) ensuring that it’s secure and will not move as boats pass by.

Off for a walk and saw this strange building

… and in the middle of nowhere this entertainment area, a covered dining space with seating, a bar and bbq too.  What a great space for a party!

Taken from the top end of the meadow Still Rockin’ is in the right of the picture below and to the left of the tudor-style building! A long way away!

Molly’s found a stick to chew!

Yesterday we had visitors and spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting to Ali and John
It was good to meet you both at last.  Happy Cruising!

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