Thursday, 25 August 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to go out ...

When you moor on the meadows above Day’s Lock you have to expect cows ...
… these were on the opposite side of the river to our mooring
… sheltering from the hot sun and having a drink on Monday afternoon.
We’d been for a walk in the late afternoon and seen the farmer herd the cattle on our side of the river away from the moorings, round the lakes and off the land, we wondered if they were off to market and hoped that there would not be another herd brought onto the site for a few days.
Tuesday morning before 7-am the sun coming over the meadow

and lighting up the tree tops

… very calm and peaceful after the howling wind and rain
… made reflections just about perfect!
It was going to be a hot day so a bbq was planned for our last evening here
George was going to light the bbq at 5:30 but just when we thought it was safe a whole herd of cows came to inspect the moorings!  It was an hour later when they finally wandered off and we could start to cook our evening meal.
Sunset at 9pm … is getting earlier by the day … enjoy it while it lasts!


Sue said...

That's the place to be :)

Carol said...

It certainly is Sue!