Friday, 12 August 2016

Onwards to Wallingford

 By 8 yesterday morning we’d left our quiet mooring above Cleeve Lock, winded (turned) moored at the water point, filled the tank, winded again and were heading west.
 Five miles no locks to Wallingford, nice!
 Wallingford bypass, nearly there!

 This property gets more dilapidated every year, such a shame. It looks occupied, there are curtains at the windows and furniture can be seen inside.
Approaching Wallingford Bridge … not quite enough room for us in front of that cruiser, and ...
… there’s no chance of a mooring on the left through the bridge ...
 … but hang on, this looks promising.  I called out to the guy at the tiller to ask if he’d just left a mooring space … yes!!
Lovely view of Wallingford riverside from here but we didn’t stay long. There’s a water outfall near the rear of Still Rockin’ and after an hour or so we decided we couldn’t stand that noise all day and all night, there’s also the paddling and swimming pool on this side of the river which can become noisy too, so as soon as the cruisers started making a move on the other side we skipped over there.  It’s not so easy to get off the boat as the sidings are a bit high but it’s certainly quieter. The remainder of the day was spent stocking up the fridge and wine cupboard and relaxing.

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