Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Interactive River Thames Guide

I recently found this very useful App …
River Thames Guide from  Jeff Maynard.com
The app can be downloaded for iPad, iPhone and Androids

River Thames Guide features

Interactive map

Detailed map from the Thames source to the North Sea.
Overlay the map with any combination of boatyards, moorings, slipways, food and more.
'Where am I' will pinpoint your location on or near the river

Journey Planner

Sailing time and number of locks between any two of 74 non-tidal locations.

Lock table

Width, drop, length, sat nav, phone and more for every lock.

Bridge headways

The headway (height) of every bridge on the non-tidal Thames

River Conditions

Live info on the state of the non-tidal river.


Seven day forecast for selected river locations.
Includes calcualtion of nautical twilight for correct time to stow your ensign.

Boating Advice

How to prepare for your trip and what to do in an emergency.

Take a look, give it a try, Im sure youll like it.


Vallypee said...

How handy! I'll be sure to get that next time I'm on the Thames with a boat....well, I can dream, can't I?

Carol said...

Where would we be without those dreams Val?