Friday, 26 August 2016

Returning to Abingdon

We left our secluded mooring near Dorchester early on Wednesday morning, turning mid-stream once again
Looking back into the sun at 07:50
This boat passed us a few days ago, not sure what it is, a cruiser? a replica dutch barge? or a one-off?  It’s very big and brash, I don’t think I like it!
Leaving Clifton Lock still on self-service

We arrived at Abingdon at about 10:30 and went through the town and lock to fill the water tank after which we turned once again to find a town mooring, there were plenty to choose from
Looking back from the stern deck
… and forwards, pretty much as it was on our stay a week ago except we’re just round the bend (!) and facing the other way.
We do like it here!
A strange orange glow in the sky at 8-pm, the forecast is for a hot humid night with heavy rain.


Naughty-Cal said...

The boat you queried is a Dutch steel cruiser. There are several in our marina, although their colour schemes are not quite so garish.

They seem to be gaining popularity, certainly where we moor.

KevinTOO said...

Carol said It’s very big and brash, I don’t think I like it!
Kevin replied I most certainly is and I know I hate it! LOL

Carol said...

Thanks Rachael, we’ll probably be seeing more on the Thames in the future then.

Carol said...

Glad you’re with me on this one Kevin! x

Paul said...

Live and let live folks :) It's not sooo bad, at least compared to 1/2 an acre and three floors of white GRP !!


At long last we are on the Thames. Been too busy to follow your great blog for a while, and we had some 'fun' on the way.

We saw NP XL steaming along as we moored up at Runneymead the other day. Looked good!

Currently moored at Heaven on earth at Clivedon thanks to your previous postings. I cannot understand why we have chugged past here before. We may even be on your spot. It is incredible. So peaceful with a priceless view of the house and walks (dog and human) to die for. Afternoon tea at the house and a slow walk back the wrong way down to the river. This is why we love the Thames and this will now be a 'must stop' place. NT are a bit more active now, we got a visit by the mooring collection police at 6pm. But £9 seems a reasonable price for Heaven :)

Thanks again for the advice.
Paul & Carole
WB Newlands

Carol said...

Hi both, thanks for your comments! You certainly sound as if you’re enjoying the Thames and so glad that our blog has been some help along the way. How long are you on the Thames and how far along it are you planning to cruise?

Carol said...

PS: are you blogging? I tried to connect to your page but it didn’t allow access.

Vallypee said...

I must admit I'm not fond of these 'new' Dutch barges either. Abingdon looks gorgeous! I think I'd want to stay awhile! Sorry I haven't been here so much lately. I've been cruising too, but without internet. It was just lovely, but so much to catch up with now :)

Vallypee said...

PS Your last photo is stunning!! What light!

Carol said...

I’ve been following your travels on Facebook Vallypee, it’s so good to be out and about.

Carol said...

Thank you!

bargemast said...

Yes Carol, the boat you didn't (and most likely still don't) like is a Dutch cruiser made by an expensive and well known Dutch yard of LINSSEN it is a Linssen Dutch Sturdy 380AC, you'll be able to find some information about them on the net. If I had to make the choice between one of these and yours, I would have yours. Cheers, Peter.

Carol said...

Thank you for for comments Peter.