Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A walk on the wild side

Final walk around Beale Park on Sunday evening the lowering light made the wild flowers stand out, a few I recognise but most I have no idea!  If you can identify any of theses I’d love to hear from you.
I know this one! Teasel
Taken about 19:45, not quite sunset yet
I think this is Birdsfoot Trefoil
I had to look this one up but I think it’s Silverweed.  It grew close(ish) to the ground like a large lush carpet.
Molly wants to know why I’m so close to the ground!
Beale Park Lake

This is Alchemilla Vulgaris the wild version of the garden plant Alchemilla Mollis or Lady’s Mantle as it is commonly known
Ooh, I know this one, but these blackberries were growing at knee height and I don’t pick any less than at least waist height! A treat to come this year.
This flower was so pretty but after an extensive online search I couldn’t find out what it is.

Fungi on a Willow Tree
Sunshine across the River Thames on what looks like the start of autumnal colours!

Yet another plant that I couldn’t find the name of!
I should know the plant on the right but can’t bring it to mind!
Thistle, don’t go near those spikes but what a vibrant colour it is!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Beale Park this year especially being moored at the Lower Basildon end of the meadows.  We will probable visit once more as we leave the Thames later in the year.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Oi, Carol, you've plagiarised my post title, which I plagiarised first. Hands off - I stole it first so it's mine! Love the photos by the way, lovely what you find when actually looking closely instead of just taking for granted and skimming past with eyes not focused, eh? Mxox

Carol said...

Sorry Marilyn, I knew it wasn’t original but didn’t realise it was yours! x