Sunday, 26 August 2018

Bank Holiday weekend

We slept late again this morning (Saturday 25th) waking at 8 o'clock; we've been sleeping better now its cooler, it's 9°c outside, 16 inside with condensation on the metal frames of the windows.
 It was 10:15 before we set off from our mooring at Runsford Hole ... we shall definitely moor here again in the future
 Our first lock of the day ... Cleeve ... is over there across the meadow ...
it's a bit further though along the river.
 It's taken me a while to figure out what this is ... a cockerel!
 We usually see Fred a relief lock keeper, in Abingdon but over past few weeks he's been manning other locks too but we were surprised to see him this far south!  He was certainly being kept busy!
 Meeting other vessels as we leave the lock ... it's only ¼ mile to the next lock at ...
 Goring ... no apologies for yet another photo of what I think is the best lock setting on the Thames ...

This lock too was busy and I needed to put our bow rope on the very end bollard just a few feet away from the alcove into which the gate fits when open ... we were fine! 
He'll not catch any fish there!
Leaving Goring Lock ...

There are a few trees down ...

creating a bit of a surprise to these two cruises who take swift action to avoid a collision
 Approaching Gatehampton Bridge round the corner
Lots of people enjoying the sunshine ...
on what looks to be the best day (weather wise) of the Bank Holiday weekend
Fantastic views beyond the bridge ....

Another Isambard Kingdon Brunel designed bridge
This is a lovely reach (stretch of water between locks) to travel too 
with its steep wooded banks ...
and glimpses of what's beyond
Ferry Cottage is up for sale
Disappointed to see these brand new signs have gone up all along the banks of Beale Park

So far we've not seen any moored boats

That's where would normally moor but not today

There they are!

Sue came to help with the ropes and invited us onto NP for a cuppa and a bacon roll for lunch ... just the job.  We met up with Ann who has come to stay with Sue and Vic for a week or so, it's been 3-years since we spent time with Ann and it's so good to see her again.  We arranged to meet up with them at about 5pm for guess what?

A BBQ .... in the rain .... again!
15-minutes later the grey clouds are moving away south ...
and the sky is brightening up
Tucking in!
The last of the sun's rays.

A good day!

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