Friday, 24 August 2018

From one great mooring to another ...

Thursday (23rd) 10:40 and time to move on, though not far we hope ...
leaving our mooring by the little bridge ... I'm not sure what the body of water is flowing into the Thames from under the bridge, but I think it maybe a tributary of the River Thame ... if anyone can confirm this or tell me different I would appreciate it.
We've winded mid stream and now continue our journey south (downstream)
It's been cloudy and dull with a rather chilly breeze
Under Moulsford Bridge

Runsford Hole was our destination but unfortunately it's occupied
but just a few yards in front ... we can get in there ... result!
The stern is against the bank and the views are great
looking back
bow in the reeds ... but who cares!
 and it only took us 20 minutes to get here ... this will do for a few days.

After lunch we walked into Goring for a few bbq/salad essentials as I suspect there will be one over the Bank Holiday weekend with friends ... watch this space ...

8pm and the sun is going down ...
absolutely beautiful.

It only seems like last week that I was taking this sort of photograph after 9pm ... is this summer drawing to a close and autumn is now just around the corner?

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