Wednesday, 8 August 2018


After the cows had moved down the meadow (it's still Wed 1st August) we walked into the village of Kennington.  We needed veg and a birthday card.  I'd checked online and seen that there was a Coop here ...
over the meadow and over the bridge

over the still water and the Green Dragon/Jack-in-the-pulpit plant ...

where the path splits this way ... or that way
and we go straight on

over the railway bridge
and arrive at The Tandem pub on Kennington High Street
Looking left looks interesting but the shops are to our right.

A really good selection of shops from which I managed to buy all that I needed so we turned and walked back past the pub ...
to what would I think, is the older part of the village

I couldn't find out what this church was in the past ... methodist or Presbyterian I think ... but is now a charity/junk shop but very interesting to look inside

Lots of lovely thatch

New thatch blends with the older thatch
Back over the railway bridge ...
and the meadow ...

Tiny fish in the clear water
George's keen eyes spotted this bird of prey far over the meadow.

We sat on the deck later where there was a bit of a breeze.  We appeared to have upset a few people when we realised that the steps here are where the locals like to get into the Thames to swim and  have fun and received some disappointed looks, but it didn't stop them from enjoying themselves as there are plenty of places nearby to access the water.  George asked on gentleman after he'd been swimming if he'd like a cup of tea to warm him up and he accepted.  Kevin spent a little time with us that afternoon and the following day chatting about life in general.  He was very interested in our life style and said that he'd be reading the blog ... so 'Hello Kevin, it was good to meet you.  Hope you enjoy many more sunny days swimming here'
 Sunrise on Thursday (2nd August) at 7am

and sun set at 8:15 (must clean my camera lens!)

A great mooring, we'll come here again.

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