Thursday, 23 August 2018

To another Stoke along the Ridgeway ...

Travellers have used the Ridgeway for over 5,000 years, it's 87 miles in length and travellers continue to do so today (22nd August) like us ...

These signs are on most of the gates along the pathway warning of electric fencing where there are cattle in the field
Walking towards Moulsford Bridge which is in fact two bridges the original (on the far side in the picture above) being designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Another wild mooring we could use if in need although it may be a bit noisy from some of the trains
Sloes will be plentiful this year!
That's where we're heading ... South Stoke 
Busy boats under the bridge
Original bridge (1838) on the left and the connecting maintenance platforms which join the two twin-lined railway bridges, the second of which was built in 1892.
That's interesting ... 24-hour moorings opposite ...
Sheridan Marine where David kindly took George to collect a gas bottle that we'd ordered a few weeks ago
Unusual boat shape that.

We've reached the turn-off from the Ridgeway for the village of South Stoke where the ferry would have crossed to Cholsey and we check the village map to see where we want to go ... The Community Shop for a quick bite for lunch or the Perch and Pike if the cafe isn't open and the church if it's open.

Ferry House
Some very pretty houses, but not on the same level as in North Stoke yesterday

The Corner House ...

for obvious reasons!

St Andrew's Church ... but we'll come back to that later

Kate's Cottage (not the Little House, that's next door!)

A slightly different slant to a cat on a hot tin roof!
The Perch and Pike as I say we may well be back here
The Old Vicarage ... how things change!

Turning left into South Street, under Moulsford Bridge to the Community Shop.  The shop was open but unfortunately (or as George though) fortunately there was no food available for a light lunch.  It's a well stocked shop for locals run by local volunteers. We purchased some local pies and very nice bottle of Black Shiraz ... so ... where to next I wonder?
The Perch and Pike of course ...

Where we enjoyed our dinner (main meal of the day) ... slow cooked pork belly for me and seafood linguine for himself ... delicious!

So the last on the list ...
The current building which is St Andrew's Church dates back to 1200 and replace the earlier church dating back to 1080
Fragment of 16th century Elizabethan wall painting discovered in 1962/3
13th century octagonal font

Looking down the Nave to the 15th century Tower click on this link  for 'The Ringers Rules of 1875'

We leave St Andrew's and return to The Ridgeway  ...

Back under Moulsford Bridge where we noticed some damage on the original bridge and the different colours of the underside where they have been repaired in places
The cows are now enjoying their dinner ...
and George finds a Red Kite's feather
Still Rockin' is still where we left her ... thank goodness!
It's been a mostly cloudy day with occasional glimpses of the sun ... this is the sky at 7pm ... rather dramatic!


Vallypee said...

What a lovely walk. The houses are picture perfect and it sounds as if you had a great meal too. Wild moorings are our favourites, but quite difficult in Belgium. In France, it’s much easier to find spots where you can just moor up. Lovely photos as always, Carol!

Carol said...

Thanks Val we've had a really lovely few days exploring this small area.