Monday, 27 August 2018

Wet, wet, wet

It was so cold this morning (Sunday 26th August) and we finally gave in and put the central heating on in Still Rockin'.  The rain came down mid morning at a 45° angle in a wind gusting up to 50 mph ...
 We felt so sorry for these youngsters, they have tied the two canoes together to give them more paddle power

They must have a schedule to keep or surely they wouldn't be out in this atrocious weather.

It was still bucketing down at 2pm when we went round to have dinner onboard No Problem with Sue, Vic and Ann, carrying a very hot blackberry crumble straight from the oven and custard on a tray covered in foil in an attempt to keep it dry.  With my hood falling over my eyes it was difficult enough to even see where I was going ... but it was worth it ... best Sunday roast ... cooked perfectly by Vic as always, thank you.

The rain continued well into the evening and the heating stayed on while we snoozed the remainder of the afternoon away 'til bedtime!

Good news from the weather forecaster on Country File though ... summer will be coming back next weekend!

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