Monday, 28 September 2015

Beautiful days

Friday at Pangbourne dawned cold but later the cottonwool clouds in the perfectly blue sky ... 
… were reflected in the Thames.

We walked with Ann (ex nb Moore2Life) and Sue (nb No Problem) to Pangbourne Station and said our goodbyes to Ann who is returning home, it has been so good to meet up with her again.  We collected provisions from the local Co-op and when we got back the meadow Sue’s daughter Wendy and hubby Danny had arrived to stay, it was good to see them again too.

 The temperature on Saturday morning was even colder; at 7:30 it was just one degree above freezing and the trees are now starting to be dressed in their autumn colours
We had stayed at Pangbourne longer than expected and on Saturday decided that there was no longer any reason to stay and as we will need to top up the water tank soon and the nearest water point is upstream at Cleeve, we decided to wind (turn) and head back to Beale Park; once Wendy and Danny had set off for home No Problem would join us for a quiet weekend.

Well, that was the plan anyway but I cricked my back just before we left Pangbourne but did manage to hold the bow rope as we ascended Whitchurch Lock and moored up at Beale.  Unfortunately my back began to feel worse so although Sue and Vic will move on today to collect their next family visitor we’ll stay here to allow my back to settle and hopefully continue tomorrow.


KevinTOO said...

Sorry to hear of your bad back Carol, what a pain!! Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Many thanks for keeping us all updated with the No Problem visitor
schedule, sounds like Sue is far too busy to do any bloging herself (yes, I running for cover) LOL

Carol said...

Thanks Kevin, I’m sure that Sue will be blogging again soon, and yes, you may need to keep your head down! lol

Sandi said...

Hi Carol, how's your back going, hope it's getting a bit easier?
Love your photos as usual, you're getting very talented!! Thanks everso for my birthday card, had a great day and went to Chester the next day with Emma on the train.
I have a new phone so a new number, have I sent it you? Can't remember who I've told and who I haven't!!
Love to you all, Sandra. Xxx

Carol said...

Morning Sandra, glad you had a great birthday and shopping in Chester too, I love that place! Not got your new number so please send it to me but not on here of course! Love you xx

Lisa said...

Well I have just been told of a good osteopath at Oxford if that's any help... Rest and heat and good luck with that.
Lisa x

Carol said...

Thanks Lisa, I got in touch with an osteopath in Goring yesterday and although she couldn’t see me then she gave me some good advice. I’d had heat on my back since Saturday but it wasn’t getting any better because, as she told me, it’s cold that’s needed to reduce the inflammation! So that”s what I did all day yesterday and it has improved!