Sunday, 20 September 2015

A joint venture

 6:30 this morning and the mist was more like fog and hadn’t cleared much by 9:20 either
 The cobwebs on the roof were like strings of pearls
 Shouldn’t he be on that boat over there?
 We’re staying at Beale Park until Friday but needed to top up there water tank and as Monday looks to be wet, wet, wet we decided that today was best.  We invited Lesley and Joe to join us as Joe had expressed a wish to have a go with a steering wheel and I have to say he’s a natural and I think he enjoyed it too.  We went upriver through Goring and Cleeve locks, filled with water, winded (turned)  and came back to Beale Park and pulled in behind Yarwood as our spot had been taken.

We had heard during the journey that Mo (of nb Balmaha) had sadly lost his battle with cancer last evening, he will be sorely missed by his and Ness’ boating friends.  His dry humour, and cheeky grin made time in his company a joy and our condolences  go to Ness and the family at this very sad time.

Just a few minutes ago Lisa and David arrived and the six of us are now sitting with drinks on Still Rockin’ - we’re in for another great evening after a great day too.


Lisa said...

All that laughing made my face hurt and my eyes stream with tears. Thank you for another great evening.
Lisa xx

Carol said...

You’re both very welcome Lisa. We’ve had a fantastic time on the Wey and Thames this year meeting up with friends, old and new and hope to repeat the performance again in the not too distant future! xx

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Ooh what a great crew! The craic was grand then. Lovely to be in the company of such good folks. Miss you and G. and pat to Molly. We are going to climb the Lapworth flight tomorrow I think and cruise into B'Ham before coming back down to be near Warwick for a physio appt. on the 15th.
Love Jaqxx

Carol said...

Miss you two too Jaq! We’ve had such a good time on the Thames this year meeting up with other boaters. Hope the weather stays fine for your Lapworth cruise tomorrow. Love to you both, stay well. xx

Ken and Sheena said...

Hi Carol and George. Where are you heading to next? Can we coordinate somewhere to meet up with you and Lesley and Joe? We're at Abingdon at the moment, on our way down again tomorrow. Need to know how much food to get, etc. can hang out at Wallingford for a couple of days if that's convenient? Days lock has been hit and miss this year. Lot of overstaying going on there, and a mooring can't be guaranteed. Wags and waves...


Carol said...

Sorry both but we’re now heading back downstream and are moored at Pangbourne until Friday as we’ve hired a car and have some appointments to keep. As far as I know Yarwood went through Wallingford yesterday and is now moored at Days by the pill box. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up next summer unless you’ll be going downsteam soon too. We’re planning to be off the Thames on 23rd October. x