Tuesday, 31 October 2017

To the nursery ...

Sunday (Oct 29) was a bit cooler than of late when we went off for a walk
... through Dorney Park and the lakes where the 2012 Olympic Rowing took place

It's also a lovely open space with wooded areas.  Here some of the trees are wearing self-irrigation bags

I've looked everywhere for information about these two carved pillars, the nearest one is inscribed INDIGINAE Latin for indigenous meaning 'of this place' or native.
 Windsor Castle in the far distance taken from the Lime Walk
A pastoral scene as we leave the lake and walk towards Dorney Court. Our destination today was the nursery garden and cafe for some winter pansies.  A couple of weeks ago I'd removed all the petunias from my pots and planted spring bulbs but needed something for colour over winter.
I decided on trailing pansies called Berries and Cream and spent a very pleasant hour or so planting them when we returned from our walk.  I just hope that they survive the forecasted low temperatures tomorrow morning with the possibility of a ground frost.

Monday, 30 October 2017

A walk into Windsor

Thursday (Oct 27) continued ... time to relax
... after all the hard work of chainsaws and axes, the Thames was still like a millpond and we relaxed on the back deck and watched the world go by and the light slowly change, it's about 5pm.
I think this was the 3rd 'last bbq of the year' we've had so far!

The fire is lit and it'll be cosy when we move inside

It's that time of year

Lovely bright moon

It was another bright sunny day on Saturday when we decided to walk into Windsor approx 2 miles each way.  Although it was a bit of a cool breeze out in the open we enjoyed the walk.  We perused the shops and purchased a few necessities before repairing to the George Inn just over Windsor Bridge in Eton.  
My view from our window table for two
Crown Estate sirloin steaks were on the menu and they were truly delicious as was the Merlot we chose to drink.
A gentle walk home to Still Rockin', tired but happy just after 5pm.
Glowing sunset at 5:30
... and at 6pm.
Another perfect end to a perfect day.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Busy, busy

We had a warm, sunny day on Friday (27 Oct) with a cool breeze, much better than Thursday which was misty, drizzly and horribly humid all day.

Time to sort our those logs ...
Sharpening the chain saw
River Thames like a mill pond
... and a clear blue sky as George chopped wood
... that should last us a week or two... a good job done.

A wonderful, warm day for cruising ...

9:30 Wednesday morning (25 Oct) time to leave Runnymede for the last time this year
As we passed these moored dutch barges I spied a silver bullet in one of the garden plots behind

Old Windsor Lock on self service so I do the honours
Passing the Crown Estate
... a bit different from 364 days and 20 minutes ago
... and back to 2017 again and a chestnut avenue also on the Crown Estate

Royal Crest on Victoria Bridge

Passing the house that looks as if it's right is parting company from its left.  It was up for sale for over 12 months now but although the For Sale sign has gone there's no sign of any development or maintenance happening.

It'a a good job that sign pointing towards Romney Lock is there because you can't see the lock cut from here!
Approaching Windsor Bridge and children enjoying the duck bus during the half-term holidays
Lots of mooring available on the Brocas as we pass

The trip boats are still plying their trade up and down the river
Not seen black swans in Windsor before
The beautiful Thames as we leave Windsor upstream
Trip boat catching us up and we slowed down because we know he'll wind (turn) up by the water point where we want to pull in to fill the tank.
Leaving Boveny Lock after using all the facilities
It's good to see more boats on the move at half-term
St Mary Magdalene Church, Boveney
Just the ticket!  That's where we want to be
We're near Dorney Lake and can hear events going on from over the hedges
I wish you could smell them ... just like heaven!
Chairs out in the sunshine, it's really, really warm!
George has found some hawthorn branches and 8 large rounds of Ash so he'll be kept busy whilst we're here
... but for now we'll relax with a bbq
... as the sun goes down

Dinner is nearly ready, the salads are ready inside 
It doesn't get better than this
... does it?
A narrowboat has pulled in front of us and the occupiers have this tiny, tiny kitten.  She rescued it from up a tree and can only assume that was taken by a large bird and dropped there as it is only a month or so old, far too young to be away from it's mother. It was lovely to have a little cuddle, she's gorgeous!