Friday, 18 August 2017

That'll do us!

Time to move off from Medmenham yesterday
Approaching Hurley Lock

... and passing Freebody boatyard

Taking down one tree and another already down
Take a left to Temple Lock
... where it was on self-service when we arrived but the lock keeper arrived later to see a queue of wide beam boats through
No, we've not just magic'd ourselves to Windsor
... this is Bisham Abbey once home to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (but not, I think at the same time)
... from where we can see just what we're looking for ... a mooring
... at Marlow ... how good is that!
The local Bully!
Great views
... last night
... and this morning.

Last couple of days at Medmenham and disaster!

Seen on Tuesday 15th what I thought would be an old working boat but unfortunately not on the Historic Narrow Boat Club register.  I believe this to be the owner Duncan Davis steering.

Also on Tuesday this is George deep sea searching with the magnet ... he's looking for his specs ... the second and last pair that he owns are now resting somewhere in the River Thames!   That's 2 pairs in 7 weeks and he can't see much without them!  Disaster! 
I've managed to get an opticians appointment for Wednesday afternoon in Reading.
 Not long after Sue and Andy slowed down for a quick catch-up, they're on a bit of a deadline, places to go, people to see.  We hope to catch up with them properly soon.
We've had a real mixture of weather here too with quite a lot of rain but some warm sunshine too with chilly nights which often resulted in fine sunsets.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Over the weekend

 Saturday Sue and Vic left the meadow for Marlow and grand daughters
 Seen in the stream as we took a walk

 Canoe movers
 ... and time now for a bbq
 ... nearly time to eat!

 Lovely surroundings here on the meadow
 ... and some big stuff on the river.
 Sunday dawns quite chilly, but still for these wild water swimmers

The weather became very warm eventually and we spent the day relaxing on the loungers on the back deck watching the world go by.  The River Thames has been very busy again with craft of all shapes and sizes passing us.

 George tells me this is a kit car - a Dutton Surf
 Friends Peter and Karin and their friends but they're not stopping today
Monday morning 7 am chilly again but with promise for some sunshine later.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Sun rise on a misty morning

Yesterday ... up at 5:30 out on the river at 6am
We've left in the pins, we're not going far

Past Medmenham Abbey

Approaching Danesfield Hotel

... and the weirs
... and Hurley Lock footbridge
Hotel boat Magna Carta moored but enough room for us to moor up half of Still Rockin' to fill the water tank
6:50 and we're ready to leave but we're not the only folk up and about
Reversing ...

... still reversing
... winding ...

Nearly there ...

7:40 ... our space is still empty and our pins are still there ... fab!

Time for a cuppa, some breakfast, a shower, a couple of wash loads and hung out to dry, then we're out for the day on the bus (aren't bus passes great).  Marlow first then to Henley and a meal at the Catherine Wheel (spoons) and home as the sky darkens and the rain comes ... until ...
8:30 the rain has just about stopped and we have a pretty sunset.