Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sunset and Doris over the Thames

Well, February so far has been the usual mixture of weather 
A glorious sunset last Friday after a lovely day with clear blue skies
Storm Doris has hit the UK and the gusting 80km/h winds are coming directly into the stern of Still Rockin'.  Of course it would be much worse if it was hitting us broadside!
We still have some blue sky though with those scudding clouds 

Here at Hambleden (nr Henley on Thames) we look as if we shall get off lightly!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

48 years

I'm  a bit behind on my posts at the moment, we've been busy, busy!
This is George and I with our families 48 years ago (14th February, 1969).
Of course that demanded a celebration so we booked a table at the Dog and Badger ~ a bit extravagant but worth it just this once.
 The D&G wine cellar  ~ that's our 75cl bottle of wine on our table and the bottle in the cellar is I think the waitress said is 5 litres, how anyone managed to lift and pour from the bottle is beyond me! Perhaps it was placed in on the floor with lots of drinking straws in it!
 A nice touch from the restaurant at the end of our meal.
... and a beautiful bouquet from my lovely hubby.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

So that's who it is!

I thought it was a cheeky Chafinch chucking all the seeds from the feeder onto the floor, but now I know better!
 It's this bird which will feed from the feeder and from the ground
 The Greater Spotted Woodpecker is still a regular visitor

 Goldfinches washing in the now very low stream which runs into the River Thames just behind Still Rockin'
The Nuthatch picking up the seeds he's thrown about!

 He's a very pretty bird!
 Wood Pigeon looking over his territory
And he's back again!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Out and about

 Out first wild snowdrops this year
 Greater Crested Grebe with a Garry Rhodes hair style!
and a camera shy Heron.