Thursday, 19 September 2019

Chilly mornings and warm autumn days ...

Chilly outside but warm enough inside Still Rockin'

The guys in the little narrowboat of yesterday are out fishing and have caught something ... big! 

Those temperatures have risen considerably in the last few hours
 Out for a walk we can see through a gap in the hedge, competitors and visitors leaving Dorney Lakes at the end of the weekend's Triathlon

 It's nice and cool in the shade of the trees as we walk
 Bray Studios ... will they continue to make films here?
Arriving home ... the roast chicken should now be ready ... nearly time for dinner!

A good day!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

It's busy at Dorney ...

Saturday 14th September ...
7am and the rays of the rising sun through the trees are reflected from the greenhouse glass opposite our mooring onto the still water of the River Thames ... quite spectacular!

George is still busy revarnishing the window surrounds so I decided to go for a walk to Dorney Lakes where there the Triathlon Human Race season finale was being held.
I'd missed the day's swimming and the lake was calm so ...

I watched a few of the runners coming into the finish line ...

and some still on the course

This young girl was running with the athlete in the wheelchair and I heard him call to her ... 'this is the last time round!'
It wasn't so busy this year, no stalls selling food etc ...  we were at Dorney this time last year ... click HERE for those pictures. 
I didn't stay long, it was very hot out with no breeze so I was grateful for the shade as I walked back to Still Rockin'
It seemed that all hell had broken through later in the afternoon with rowers getting in the way of trip boats ...
and the trip boat getting out of the way of the rowers but possibly scaring to death the cruisers coming downstream!
All over the place!
Just after 6, I notice this small narrowboat over by the bank where it's very shallow and although there was an outboard motor the chap appeared to be using a paddle to turn the boat around.  I've never seen a boat over that far before. After a while they seemed settled and still, not moving with the flow of the river and I wondered if the boat was grounded there.  They weren't calling for help at all so assumed they were ok.
Sunsets are amazing at this time of year.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

A leisurely walk ...

 The Egyptians were waiting at the window for me this morning (Friday 13th!!) and I threw them some bread.  

It's going to be a very warm day and we decided to walk into Windsor ... very slowly.  I packed us a picnic to eat by the river.
 There are lots of benches to sit and watch along the river and we took advantage of them.
 Under Windsor Bridge
 Walking along the Brocas with great views of the castle.
 Not seen this building before ...

We did the bits of shopping we (I) needed and walked down to the river to eat our picnic in the sunshine and walked home again ... 

18½k steps and nearly 5 miles ... all slowly!

 on the way back we sat in the cool shade of the church of St Mary Madeline  at Boveney which for centuries was known as the Bargee's Church.
 and to round off a really good day ... a bbq ...
and a stunning sunset!

What more could we ask for?

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Retracing our steps ...

Thursday (12th) dawned a bit chilly ...
as the sun came over the houses at 7:15 ...
and I was pleased to see that the swan had survived another night.
By 8 o'clock we'd pulled away from Runnymede visitor moorings, winded and set off upstream.
We could see this chap in the distance but he hadn't seen us ... he's kneeling on a paddle board taking on the phone ... we were fairly close before he realised that he was drifting mid channel and moved out of the way.
An hour after setting off we're through Old Windsor Lock which was on self service.

Old Windsor Cut and Lock were built in 1822 by the Thames Navigation Commissioners and
the first lock keeper was dismissed after demeanours which included digging through the bank of the lock cut causing the new lock cut bridge.  What is now called the Old Windsor Lock Cut Bridge  has two very distinctive pillars and must have looked quite impressive rather than it does today with the iron crossing.
The lawns along the riverside of Windsor Crown Estate are being scarified and probably fed at the same time.
I love the avenues of trees ...
along the Crown Estate lands.

Lovely barge Lente built in 1912 has a very distinctive cabin entrance ... is this a tjalk?

This very pretty cottage stands on the Crown Estate and has this crest on the frontage.

All I can find for VRPC is Volunteer Rifle and Pistol Club but feel fairly sure that that's incorrect in this instance ...
Any ideas anyone?

A slightly larger residence on the Crown Estate!
Just past Albert Bridge there is a residence for sale ...
this houseboat is current under offer with riverhomes with a guide price of £350,000.  It has amazing views both river and land side but is not a full-time residence.  It is licensed by the Environment Agency for the Crown Estate.  Worth a look at the link above.

Not noticed this offshoot of the Thames before as we turn left into Romney Lock Cut. It's the Jubilee River and looks like it's been there forever but is actually a hydraulic channel constructed in the late 1990s and early 2000s to take the overflow of water from the Thames to alleviate flooding. It isn't navigable though.  Click the link above for more information.

Romney Lock was manned and we were soon inside and rising.  This lock is one of just a few that fills from the sides and the gate sluices.  The force of the water coming in pushes the boat out into the middle of lock ... 

ok if there is only the one boat inside but if a metal boat is roped up next to a plastic cruiser a lot of effort is needed to keep the boats close to the side and away from other boats. Fortunately today we were on our own.

Views of Windsor Castle as we cruise the lock cut into town

I had hoped to be able to moor here on the free 24-hour and do a quick trip to M&S but it wasn't to be ... not enough space for a 62 footer ...  so after using the services below Boveney Lock and ascending the lock we're soon moored up in the same place as we were last Monday.
Anyone know what this flag is please?
We do like it here and will stay for the weekend which is forecast to be dry and sunny with temperatures in the mid-twenties!

It wasn't long before this little family of Egyptian Geese came to visit.  The chicks were still very fluffy and really cute!