Saturday, 30 June 2018

That'll do for us ...

Our plan for Tuesday (26th) was to push on until we could find a 'free' (as in available and at no cost) mooring ... if not Cleeve (just half a mile away) then we'd carry on to Wallingford (5.5 miles) and keep our fingers crossed!
Although it was after 9 am there was no lock keeper at Goring and it took quite some time to see us through, there was a cruiser in front of us so I operated the lock.
Extremely slowly we made our way being very aware of these ladies on paddle boards.  I hope they get a bit closer together before we reach them although they are still on the wrong side (left) of the river going upstream
Although it's a better picture approached coming downstream I can't resist a picture of Goring Lock House in its delightful setting.
Still spread out and there's a boat coming towards them avoiding them by also being on the wrong side coming downstream!
There is a lockie on duty at Cleeve lock but there's no way we will fit in it with the two boats in front.
As the two boats enter the lock we pull alongside the landing to wait our turn.  Some of the paddle boarders can be seen trying to climb out of the water via the metal ladder to left of the lock entrance.
Whiling away time watching the underwater reeds glowing in the strong sunshine ...
and the light and shade on the waterlilies.
 Looks inviting ... that's exactly where I wanted to be!
Another supper-dooper relaxed day
tucked in very nicely on Cleeve meadow
 just a few walkers going past
what could be better?
Mum and the kids came to say hello
End of another brilliant day.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Reluctant ...

that's what we were on Monday morning (25th June)
... after our fantastic weekend, to leave the lovely Beale Park meadow
Last summer Sue and Vic were handed a notice whilst we were all moored here informing boaters that the moorings were strictly 24 hours only.  There was lots of 'guff' on the reverse about rules and regulations that had nothing whatsoever to do with Beale Park and we left.  So it had been with some trepidation that we'd moored again this year, we stayed for three nights before this morning and as we cruised past saw this boat on the right above.  He was moored there for the whole of last summer not moving at all and must have also received the same notice as at the end of summer when coming downstream again, we saw that he'd moved off park land and moored a few hundred yards further along.  The 'rules' have obviously relaxed a little again but the boat has moved back.  I think that this boat's overstaying is just the thing that spoils it for everyone else.
Cows through the Grade II listed Tilehurst Bridge
Yet another Rowing Club ... to keep life interesting!

Half an hour later we're pulling into tonight's mooring at Goring
We needed a few provisions and walked into the village passing the street where George Michael used to live and where there would have been crowds yesterday to celebrate his life and his music on what would have been his birthday.
The Swan at Streatley has been undergoing refurbishment for over 12 months now, but should be fully open once again later this year or in early 2019.  Look here for The Swan's history.

After lunch it was time for a walk, but not very far as it was too, too hot
The parish church of St Mary's, Streatley was open today

We are informed by the blue plaque that Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) (1832-1898) preached in St Mary's during 1864

The modern hand-built organ (2004) has 622 pipes.

We left the coolness of the church and walked out of the churchyard by the lynchgate.  The building opposite on the left were originally the Malthouse Buildings and in 1898 were converted into a village club, known as The Reading Room/Parish Hall, and a residence.  Following the restoration of the church the rooms became known as the Morrell Rooms after the then Lady of the Manor Mrs Emily Alicia Morrell.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Out for a walk

It was hot on Sunday (24th June) so we stayed under the shade of the back deck and started out on our walk about 2pm although at 27°c it wasn't any cooler!
We walked to Basildon Park about 30 minutes away and did a quick tour of the house.  This is the third time we've visited but nothing had changed so if you'd like to see more pictures of inside the house or have more information please click here and here.
We spent a very pleasant hour walking the garden and ground.  I love the deep blue of these delphiniums.
The River Thames runs past here between the banks

The perfume from all the flowering Lime trees was very heady

I can't see you!
We decided that we wouldn't walk close to the cattle so walked up the hill through the trees

Looking again over the Thames ...

up the hill on the other side

We could see this tree too and it looked very much like the one growing opposite our mooring ...

and I think it is the same one (taken when we got back to Still Rockin')

Continuing our walk looking down towards the entrance we came in.  It was just about here that we found ourselves fenced in because we'd left the pathway ... no problem though we just climbed over the fence!

Taking a selfie with a camera isn't easy you know!

Seen on our way back to Beale Park at Henley Sales and Charter Ltd ... a project in the waiting.
Whilst we were walking we could hear music/singing; George thought it was coming from Goring just a mile or so up river.  When he looked it up on his phone we found out that it was a celebration of George Michael's life and his music on his birthday.  Unfortunately the songs were not recognisable!
We stopped off to have another look round St Bartholomew's Church to get out of the still hot sunshine

click to enlarge

Any relation I wonder?

Jethro Tull's memorial stone
Back on the meadow at Beale Park

I've not seen so many ladybirds for a long, long time
That tree again!
and the same buzzard that we saw last night?
Another great day!