Monday, 26 June 2017

Around us ...

 From the back deck
 Looking upstream towards Wallingford Bridge
 ... along the river
 ... and along the footpath
 ... small footbridge next to the stern into a cattle meadow
... where there's quite a gap to cross when getting of Still Rockin'
... this mooring has now been listed as 'one of our favourite Thames moorings.'

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Still walking around Wallingford

We continued our walk along Thames Street, Wallingford and eventually reached the Thames Path which would take us the four miles to Whitchurch Bridge and Lock.  We didn't take that path but nearby ...
... we came to St Leonard's Church, the oldest church in Wallingford
Its herringbone stonework (click to enlarge) is distinctive of the Saxon period.  The oldest part of the current church is the tower much of which dates back to the 11c.
The information board relates a story about a 179' wood and canvas boat built by Royal Engineers in 1914 but was too long to wind (turn) in the river!  It had to be dragged out onto the bank to be turned around to navigate in the opposite direction!
Unfortunately the church was locked so we were unable to see inside.
We were intrigued by a narrow passage way near the church which led us into St Leonard's Lane over what was obviously once a mill stream where this building was under renovation
... and looking towards our right we thought that this building was derelict 

... but when we came out onto the street it was not at all derelict! 
I couldn't find any information regarding these houses but they look very old and somewhat neglected particularly on the ground floor.  I wonder if they were part of the original mill buildings?

I think this gate must be at the rear of St Lucians, a private house built in the time of Henry VIII

So this is where the old watermill would have been.  In 1880 the mill was purchased by Henry Boughton and was run by him and then by his eldest son Jack until 1982 when it closed.  The building has now been converted to flats
Walking back into the town ...
... to Market Place and the Town Hall


... and a reminder that  members of Royal Air Force Benson would be marching through Wallingford's streets later in the afternoon.
(see my previous post for pictures of this event)

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Thames Street, Wallingford

Cosy in our mooring downstream!
... and looking upstream at the visitor moorings

A redundant Anglican church since 1971 and is now used for classical/chamber music events during the summer. 
The original church dated back to pre 1320 and the existing St Peter's church was built in 1760-69 with the spire being added in 1776

Walking round the back of the church into Thames Street ...
... where there's a real mixture of houses.
The pillars are an entrance into Castle Priory which was the residence of Sir William Blackstone whose last resting place is within St Peters
I don't think these are very old though
... but these delightful cottages are!
Hollyhocks grow well in this area
Thames Street, Wallingford - shame about the cars though.
(we're still walking in Wallingford in the next post!)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Exercising their Freedom ...

 We'd seen a notice whilst walking in Wallingford yesterday, that the roads into and out of town would be closed later this afternoon and there would be marching to drums and a band ...

Royal Air Force (RAF) Benson was given the Freedom to march in Wallingford in 1957 and yesterday two flights of 52 personnel from the helicopter base exercised that right, together with the RAF's Central Band, for the first time since 2009.
 Mustering at 3:45
 RAF Regiment too
 Nearly ready now ...
 ... and here they come ...
... marching over the medieval Wallingford Bridge
Turn on your sound!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Still hot, hot, hot!

Don't know about you, but this heat is melting me.  The forecast if for cooler weather from today; that will suit me just fine!

Tuesday at Goring ... we'd hired a car and had places to go and an appointment to keep, Maffi was heading downstream and Nicky and Keith upstream so cheerios were said; we shall hopefully meeting up again before the summer is out.
 Wednesday (yesterday) the hire car has been returned and we're ready to go

 A little way downstream to wind (turn) passing this boat ...
anyone recognise her?
 Yes, it's Caxton.  We were sorry not to have been able to meet the new(ish) owners properly, but I'm sure there will be a 'next' time.
 Back up Goring and Cleeve locks hopefully for the last time for a while
 Baling the hay above Cleeve Lock that was cut on Sunday
 Hello Alf ... is this a Humber Keel too - it's very sleek

Approaching  Moulsford Bridge

Badger Sett had been in touch, they're moored before the bridge at Wallingford and there's a space for us too .... It took a while to moor up and we couldn't get close to the bank at all, not sure how I was going to get off either.  There was a small cruiser in the next slot which was also in the shade and we hoped that he would be moving off soon, which he did .... lucky us!  We grounded very firmly as we moved round the bushes keeping our fingers crossed that another boat wouldn't sneak into the space before we managed to get off the bottom and into the slot.  We managed though with Keith's help.  Once settled it was out to sit on the grass in the shade, Nicky had gone into town to have a look around and to buy some meat to put on the bbq for this evening.

What a great day we had, more good company and good food, there really is nothing better.  The meadow and riverside was full of people and families picnicking, swimming and generally having fun and it was good to see.
 As the sun moved round so did we to stay in the shade of a very handy tree from where we could see the church

 The seeds from the trees were blowing everywhere and the walkway into the next field looks as if it's covered with snow.  Still Rockin's decks look the same, I'll be busy cleaning it all up today.
Binks and Benji expending some energy
 ... and the four of us doing our best not to!
We shall miss these guys; maybe there'll be another chance to meet up whilst they're still on the Thames, I hope so.