Tuesday, 31 October 2017

To the nursery ...

Sunday (Oct 29) was a bit cooler than of late when we went off for a walk
... through Dorney Park and the lakes where the 2012 Olympic Rowing took place

It's also a lovely open space with wooded areas.  Here some of the trees are wearing self-irrigation bags

I've looked everywhere for information about these two carved pillars, the nearest one is inscribed INDIGINAE Latin for indigenous meaning 'of this place' or native.
 Windsor Castle in the far distance taken from the Lime Walk
A pastoral scene as we leave the lake and walk towards Dorney Court. Our destination today was the nursery garden and cafe for some winter pansies.  A couple of weeks ago I'd removed all the petunias from my pots and planted spring bulbs but needed something for colour over winter.
I decided on trailing pansies called Berries and Cream and spent a very pleasant hour or so planting them when we returned from our walk.  I just hope that they survive the forecasted low temperatures tomorrow morning with the possibility of a ground frost.

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