Friday, 18 September 2015

And we’re back!

One of the engine belts kept squeeling a few weeks ago and when George looked at it it was covered in oil which he discovered was coming from a leaking pulley and as we’d also been having intermittent problems with the tacho, it was time to do something about it. 

The weather on Wednesday was forecast to be very heavy rain and thunder to add to the excitement, but fortunately it didn’t start before we moved up Caversham Lock to keep the arranged appointment with Marcus a Beta engineer opposite Caversham Boat Services.
It took a few hours for him to fixed both problems and managed to  find a couple more which he needs to speak to Beta about and we’ll meet up with him again on our way back down the Thames.  

So just before 9 yesterday morning we were ready to go.  Pictures above are the new pedestrian/cyclist over the Thames just upstream of Reading Bridge, the contractors are widening the towpath leading to the bridge on this side.
 Approaching the rather elegant Caversham Bridge
There are still moorings on the park just downstream from the bridge

… and further up by the festival site (our favourite Reading mooring) the signs appear to be a bit mixed, but we would moor there too and ignore what some of those signs say!

 Ugly or what!
 Reading reach is lovely, looking forward and behind us
Again the weather forecast was for possible heavy showers so we set off with the hood up, it was chilly but the sun was on our backs. Molly decided that it was far too cold in her usual spot and asked to come down onto the deck in the sunshine … job done!
 Approaching Mapledurham Lock and there’s a great deal of water cascading over the weirs
 If the cafe is open (and it’s only not been open once when we’ve been this way) we always enjoy a bacon and mushroom bap!
A flock of very noisy Greylag geese over on the Mapledurham Estate side of the Thames as we leave the lock on yet another spectacular reach
 Well, blow me down!  Fancy pulling out in front of us!

Do they want to get to Whitchurch Lock before us?  If so they were unlucky in as much as the lock was unmanned (self-service) and there was a load of cruisers going up! (only kidding Yarwood!)

After seeing Lesley and Joe and nb Flying Pig up and out of the lock and then Still Rockin’ up too we leave passing more river side properties
 So, this is our exciting reach above Whitchurch - absolutely stunning views
 … just around that bend in the river
… we’re back where we were exactly 12 months ago today celebrating the event with Sue and Vic and last night with the Yarwoods sharing a bbq and drinks and lots of chat and laughs.
 We are of course at Beale Park in our very favourite spot with wonderful views around us
Out for a short walk round the lake with Lesley, George, Fletcher and Floyd and of course our Molly!

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