Sunday, 6 September 2015

A busy day at Dorney ...

Our day started at 7 this morning ...
… and it was just 4 degrees centigrade outside, but sooo beautiful!

We’re going round to the lakes at Dorney soon ...

The Diamond Triathlon Human Race started this morning at 8am with adults 1,2,3 and 4-km swims before we got there ...

 … and at 9am for the youngsters scootathlon, 390mtr scoot, 390mtr Bike and 250mtr run in 3 age groups.  They so enjoyed it.
                         1                                                     2                                                   3 - 4
The Ladies Olympic Triathlon (all ages) starts with the 1500-mtr swim at 10:18, the winner took the lead early and came in at 10:44 (26 minutes), the second and third came in just a few minutes later.
                                       1                                             2                                          3
 The 40+ Mens race came next, start off at 10:48 with the winner coming in just 22 minutes later

In the meantime cyclists are careering around the lakes 42.4-km (8-laps)
                                                       1                                                         2 - 3
The next swim (and last that I watched) was the under 40 mens.  It was 11:13 when they set off with the winner coming in 11:35 - also just 22 minutes later.

I got back to Still Rockin’ to find George busy washing and polishing.  We had some lunch and outside the River Thames became very busy … it’s the Commodor’s salute … when the cruisers from the marina come out onto the river, turn downstream as far as Boveney Lock, wind (turn) above the lock and return to the marina.  The crews and passengers are all in their best bib and tucker and most had a glass of wine at hand!

 Winding marina boats meet a lock-full of boats travelling upstream
 … a dingy crew, completely unaware slows down the procedure!
 … could this be the Commodore perhaps?
 … or perhaps this one?  Isn’t that a beauty!
A brilliant, busy day for everyone and ours continued with a bbq before the air became chilled once again.

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Chas and Ann said...

Good to see George cooking up wind of the smoke! I guess we are too late with our plates!