Sunday, 6 September 2015

Pretty Muddy at Dorney!

The last rays of the sun at 7pm on Friday evening led to a chilly Saturday morning

There’s an event happening at Dorney so we walked over to the lakes but couldn’t see or hear anything initially except lots of cars parked far over on our right, workers setting up for tomorrow’s event and a few pink t-shirts far over to our left so we walked that way but soon realised that we couldn’t get there from this end.  
We walked the 2km between the racing lake and the exit/entrance lake and thought that we’d missed the whole thing when we saw these Pretty Muddy ladies walking back to their vehicles
… right at the far end of the lakes this is what we came across, it is in fact the last obstacle they have overcome, I think the muddy bit must have happened somewhere we couldn’t get to.
Group photo time
… a sprint to the finish
They did it!
He fell off the buoy a couple of times!
20 past 10 last night and it was very loud!
turn up your sound!

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