Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday stroll and swim

Saturday dawned a bit chilly but promising and as promised the sun came out and Lesley and Joe arrived. We spent a pleasant hour on Yarwood late morning and a few even more pleasant hours on Still Rockin’ with nibbles and few tipples in the evening!
Sundown over the River Thames on Saturday evening
 … and its effect on the clouds over our meadow mooring at Medmenham.

Sunday we took a stroll with the dogs to The Dog and Badger; apart from being the only pub in the area it was one we wanted Lesley and Joe to see.  It really is an impressive place and well worth a visit, but beware … it is expensive!  The welcome and service is second to none, as soon as we arrived a plate of biscuits arrived at the table - for the dogs, not us! and fresh water was also supplied for them.  Between us we drank five pints of Doombar, one G&T, one Latte and one glass of iced tap water and the bill …  drum roll please … was just over …. £30!!! (the water was not charged for thankfully!).  There were plenty of people/families eating inside and outside and judging by the menu they were not short of the readies!  But having said all that we had a lovely time and it’s well worth a visit for look see!

We took the long way back to our moorings seeing Culham Court as we approached the river

… and sloes galore on the bushes
 Hide and Seek
Molly actually swimming was a first and I hope within the three photos of the Yarwood dogs I’ve got one of both Fletcher and Floyd!
Just after 8 this morning in the rain … we’ll meet up with them again in a few days in the Reading area … if we can find moorings!

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