Friday, 18 September 2015

To Henley and beyond ...

A red kite and a cormorant sharing the space at Medmenham

The sheep made us laugh, they watching and baaaring at their reflection in the side of Still Rockin’!

Leaving our lovely mooring on Tuesday morning

… along the wide and tranquil Thames on a very chilly morning

Pretty house and boat and the property is for sale

A very pleasant setting as we leave Hambleden Lock
… and Molly, in her usual place, has decided that it’s far too cold be be looking at the views!

Approaching Henley on Thames where the famous Cambridge/ Oxford boat race has been held  since 1829 and the ‘ Royal' Regatta is held in June each year since 1851

Henley's arched  road bridge.  The current bridge replaced a wooden structure built in 1786

… and has five elliptical stone arches with sculptures of Tamesis (downstream) and Isis (upstream).  Lots more information here.
In 2010/11 the bridge was damaged by a boat named Crazy Love and resulted in a £200,000 repair but it looks as if another boat has come-a-cropper since then!

… and old buildings line the river front.  The Thameside Apartments (right) was once the Little White Hart Hotel, the resident/publican of which can be traced back to 1839
This house intrigues me, I’d love to know/find out a bit of its history but don’t know what it’s called, any ideas out there?

Arriving at Marsh Lock the first of the day

… and following the channel 

… past what I think is Uri Geller’s house

… before we arrive at Sonning Lock and have to wait our turn to ascend

Drying his wings far above in the tree tops
The very uninspiring entrance to the Kennet and Avon Canal
Colourful dragon boats waiting for a challenge!
… and the Tesco moorings at Reading look chock-a-block, no room for us then!
… but we spied a familiar boat and came alongside, there was no-one at home so there were no complaints! I went off to spend some money whilst George stayed aboard and the rain came down in bucket loads and Lesley returned with the dogs having forgotten to take her key and Joe was still in Reading.  We all got very wet transferring Tesco's from the trolley on the path to the boat and putting the covers on the hood!
This was the view opposite the Tesco moorings.  If I remember correctly there used to be a very old boat moored in this spot and something had definitely sunk over there.  I wonder if this is the boat owners new home and if it is, it’s very sad and a real mess.

Normally we would never moor at these moorings for longer than it takes to do the shopping, but because of the continued heavy rain we stayed the night (they are actually 24-hour moorings), we have an appointment to keep tomorrow.

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