Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Goodbye, goodbye, we’re leaving you, goodbye ...

… well, not everyone, not completely!
When we returned from our cruise on Sunday for water we moored facing downstream as we’ve decided that it was time for us to start heading back downstream.

Goodbye to Lesley and Joe yesterday morning, they’re off to see if there are moorings available above Days Lock
 … and a cheerio from them to Lisa and David, I’m sure these two boats will be meeting up again in a day or so.
 I’ve seldom got my camera on sports setting when I need it!

This morning it’s our turn to leave, we reversed alongside What a Lark and sounded our horn to make sure they were awake! David was obviously up and dressed but not sure about Lisa, she would only ‘show’ her face from behind the safety of David. These pair are new friends this year introduced to us by the Yarwoods and I feel sure that we’ll spend many more laughter filled hours with them in the future.
 Goodbye Beale Park, a very favourite River Thames mooring, though it’s a shame it’s now raining
 Goodbye George’s favourite cottage in the woods
 Tiny patches of blue in the sky, let’s hope the rain clears
 Just the one lock today at Whitchurch and it’s on self service where the last boater through had left the lower sluices and gates open.
We’ve only travelled for about a mile
  … in the now heavy rain
 … to Pangbourne meadows. It’s going to be more convenient here to park the hire car overnight.


  1. Thanks Carol. We're waiting for Sue and Vic to come up too. But hope to be down on the lower reaches well before the lock closures on 2nd November. Will text Lesley and Joe and see where they are. Lucky! We've had to pass on by that mooring so many times this summer. Hope all is good with you all. Cheers...


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