Friday, 11 September 2015

Leaving Marlow

7 o’clock yesterday morning - beautiful!

Paddle boarders beginners class passing us just before 9am

… us leaving our mooring at Marlow at 09:40 after George had collected Molly’s Fetch order delivered by Ocado to a street the other side of Higginson Park

Passing Bisham Church and Bisham Abbey
… where we meet up with another paddle boarding class 
… and pass the lovely steam boat Alaska
We had to wait for Hurley Lock to be ready for us

… So I spent a few minutes snapping pictures at Peter Freebody’s boatyard where he build the most beautiful wooden boats.  The website is certainly worth a look at - click on the link above.

Lots of water spilling over the weir as we leave the lock, the water in the reach below was about a foot down

… not sure if these chestnut trees are showing signs of autumn or disease.

The Hellfire Club is for sale - take a look here

… and the house next door, not sure if this is or was part of that same club long ago
We soon arrived at our destination having travelled in brilliant warm sunshine

… with wide-open views all around us.

Molly’s barking alerted us to ‘something going on outside'
And this morning at 7am it’s just 5 degrees ...
(not enhanced!)
… a promise of another lovely day here on the meadow at Mednemham.

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