Monday, 4 September 2017

Visitors from New Zealand

Friday dawned a bit chilly but with lots of promise for a warm day

Not knowing yet what time our visitors would arrive we sat on the deck and watched the world go by on the River Thames, not that there was much traffic, it has suddenly gone very quiet.
And then they were here and the peace is shattered!
This is Evie who we've not met before and like any 6 year old she was full of questions and chatter, and very curious about everything.
And this is Laura my niece and Evie's mum enjoying a trip back to Blighty to visit family
My brother Alan (twin to Garry who visited last week from Australia) and sister-in-law Margaret, Laura's mum and dad who have very kindly bought Laura and Evie to see us, it was so good to see them too.

.... photos below ... if Evie isn't in them it's because she was taking the pictures!

Evie says this swan with his bum in the air looks like a marshmallow ... and it does!

Time for them to leave
We spent a wonderful afternoon with them catching up with family news and getting to know young Evie and were sorry to see them go not knowing when we might get the opportunity again of all meeting up.  We wish them both a safe return to New Zealand and good luck for the future.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Chatted to the owners of Rock an Roll again this morning, they were just setting off down Tardebigge

Paul said...

Nice family pics ... looks like your visitors had fun.

New glasses are looking good George. Hopefully everything is back to normal life size now !!

Walking the mut this evening I see you have moved on. As there is a wonderful lack of mooring mafia I have decided to stay put until Carole's return and a celebration dinner at the Swan (had to check it out with a pint earlier today just to be sure).

We will head up to Goring on Thursday and if SR is there we'll have a watchful eye while I head into London to earn my keep.


Unknown said...

Fantastic photo's and it was good for you to have the oportunity to see everyone xxx

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment Diana and Brian. Ann and Kevin are a great couple, we couldn't have asked for better owners to enjoy lots more adventures on nb Rock 'n' Roll.

Carol said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the comments. We will be moored at Goring on Thursday but will be out most of the day so maybe see you later.

Carol said...

Hi Garry, glad you and Sue got home safely and hope you've now settled back in. Thanks for the comments (I actually received 3 of them, on from Garry and 2 from Garry Nick`!). Yes it was good to see Laura and Evie and Alan and Marg, we did have a good afternoon with them and it was good to catch up with them all. Will ring you towards the weekend. Love to all. xx