Sunday, 24 September 2017

20 degrees and not a breath of a breeze

As I mentioned in my previous post, that on Friday (22 Sept) we walked into Reading.  

My MacBook had started to overheat and as it's not yet 12 months old we took it to the Apple store as soon as it opened in the hope that there was a 'genius' there who could help.  It turned out to be a very simple problem.  I hadn't realised that there was already a calculator in the package and installed a free one ages ago.  Apparently this app was going doo-lally all the time using memory and battery power like a ... don't know what! The guy at Apple deleted all traces from the machine, let it run for a while and it was as cool as a cucumber ... magic!

When we got home at about 1:30 there was a calling card on the console with a note to say, 'sorry I missed you, see you next year'.  Not knowing how long ago the message was left George texted the number on the card to say 'sorry we missed you as there's a bottle of red here'.  A message soon came back to say, 'you are a bully'.
Whilst waiting on the deck George took these photos
... it's a Natrix natrix
... in other words a common grass snake about 12" long.
... and yes our visitor retraced the earlier journey and arrived about 3pm and stayed for dinner and that red wine
... can you guess who?

Were you right?
Saturday late morning he winded in one in the sunshine and continued his journey upstream
See you next year Maffi and Molly, happy cruising

We sat on the deck for a while in 20 degrees with not a breath of a breeze wearing jeans and short-sleeved t-shirts watching the world go by on the Thames Path which was busy with happy walkers enjoying the sunshine when we spotted something unusual on the river ...
This is Dhruv Boruah cycling on the Thames from Lechlade (18 Sept) to Big Ben - 160 miles in 6 days
He is raising awareness of plastic.  He's collecting and testing plastic bottles he finds and sharing the information Thames21 and Thames Estuary Partnership.  You can support him by signing his pledge and getting involved.

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