Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A misty, miserable day (Edited)

8:20 yesterday (25 Sept) and we're leaving Sonning in the rain (again)
... but not continuing downstream
 We were moored under trees and the noise of the rain through the branches made sleep difficult last night and this morning the roof is a mess
 Hunched up against the miserable weather
 passing Tesco again - all the same boats again
Our reason for turning back ... Better Boating, Reading are advertising offers on diesel that are too good to miss and our fuel tank is showing less that half full.  We took on nearly 240 litres at 77p (self-declare) and could have had a free pump out too if we'd got one!
 9:30 after refuelling and filling the water tank we're away.  The rain has stopped and the washer is on as we cruise.
Passing Tesco once again ... this boat has always fascinated me. It's been moored opposite Tesco for as long as we've visited the Thames and becomes more dilapidated each time we pass, but to me it always seem a happy boat.

 10 to 9 and we're passing last night's mooring again
 First of three locks today, this one is Sonning Lock
 Sonning Lock House

 Nice and slow through Sonning Bridge

 Dutch Barge Howling Gale dates back to 1880
(Edited) Stopped at Shiplake Lock to use the services and top up the water tank (Thanks Alf for reminding me)
 Although it's no longer raining, conditions are miserable, the air is very damp and warm, not at all pleasant.
 Approaching Marsh Lock at Henley
 My view from the bow as the lock gates open
 We thought we'd try the mooring just here this time rather than further into the town itself
 12:40 and we're glad to be moored up except that I've got two loads of washing to get dry ... it'll not happen very quickly in this weather though!
 Good outlook over the river

 ... and the park
... and some pretty lights later on too.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Carol,
I thought Sue had managed to get a notice installed at the Tesco moorings? If the notice is there and outlines penalties, then surely whoever owns the moorings needs to attend to getting the overstayers moved on. Or maybe the moorers have used the concept of squatters'rights to cement their position?
PS Your mooring spot looks lovely, by the way.

Naughty-Cal said...

I really must start jotting some of these mooring spot down for next summers trip.

Alf said...

Two Locks ? Flew over Shiplake then ?

Paul said...

Thank you for vacating the mooring at Sonning, we are now on it for a couple of days whilst Paul is away working ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Carole & Paul

Carol said...

Hi, Marilyn, Yes, that's what should happen but it doesn't and never has. These moorings have been in this situation before see ....


Happy cruising.

Carol said...

Hi Rachel, you need to get out your Thames guide book and note them ... look through previous blog posts on mine and others for ideas. xx

Carol said...

Thanks Alf you spotted my deliberate (not) mistake, now edited. Thanks for letting me know.

Carol said...

You're welcome Paul, we're moving on today if you want to jump into this one! xx

Doug Reed said...

Hi I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions.we live in Asia,we are going to start a 10day stint on the River (I lived most of my teens around Henley) please could you tell me some more about the spade oak mooring? As I want to visit the area,The farm was owned by friends
In the early 60s I wish you all great boating

Carol said...

Hello Doug nice to hear from you and hope that you enjoy your stay on the river around the spade oak and the surrounding area.
The moorings are called Bourne End and I've put links below of photos I've taken from time to time as we moor there fairly regularly, and as you probably know it's just a short walk from the moorings over the level crossing to the pub. The moorings are approx 55 metres long enough for 3 60' boats. For your information from November 1st the moorings are taken up for 5 months winter mooring. Another mooring within walking distance downstream of the spade oak is across the river outside the bounty pub, to walk between the two pubs in over the railway bridge