Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Moving on ...

Monday morning not too early we pulled away from Beale Park
... into the mizzle
... continuing our journey upstream
A 'diddy' boat, but not the smallest I've seen on the river

A substantial structure but it needs some TLC.  I could see that some of the furniture is looking very damp and uncared-for.
On the approach to Goring Lock
... we see this odd mixture of architecture 
... gave Geoff a wave
... and saw this colourful seating area.
Once we'd gone up both Goring and Cleeve Locks we were going to stop for water but there were already two boats on the water point so we carried on ...
George putting the mooring pins in
... as this huge dredger passed us

... spewing out water from the hopper
The day did brighten up a little in the afternoon
These views will do us though for just one night.

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