Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Three Oaks

Friday (11th May) dawned much cooler
¼ to 7 cloudy sky and misty water

It was warmer on the closed deck than it was inside Still Rockin' so that's where we spent most of the day watching the world go by ... a very small world as it happened.
The River Thames was not so busy today but there were some brave souls out there

During the morning the National Trust 'Customer Engagement Officer' came by to collect our mooring fees and once again we purchased a Season Ticket at £35 which allows us to moor for a total of 20 days in a 12 month period but no more than 7 consecutive days at any one time.  A really good deal when the cost of a 24-hour mooring is £7.

Mum and eleven chicks ... soooo cute!
Love this one!
Goldfinch playing hide and seek with me!
You wouldn't want that hitting your prop.  There was quite a bit of wood debris floating downstream that day.

Later in the afternoon we decided it was time to stretch our legs after sitting for most of the day so we put on our coats ...
This little pathway is just outside our mooring.  On previous visits it was very overgrown and impassible (it's a dead-end anyway).  Now the National Trust has cut it back so we went for a quick look-see...
... and came across this pond.  Looking at the National Trust's map of the area it's The Lily Pond (No 6) but no sign of any lilies today.

We continued our walk through the car park to the lodges and crossed the main road (A308) onto the wonderful wild meadow.

This is Chair 1 on one side of which is Lillie Lenton a suffragist who was imprisoned on several occasions and took part in the hunger strike whilst in Holloway Prison in February 1913. On the other side of the chair is a modern interpretation of children debating the University Nations on the Rights of a Child

The Three Oak Trees (no.4 on map)

Both planted on December 2nd 1987 - 31 years of growth
... just infants compared to this one growing in-between!
After passing The Magna Carta Memorial we turn and walk across the meadow, back over the busy A308 home 
... snug as a bug in a rug!

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