Friday, 4 May 2018

Here we go!

Life and family have delayed this post from Tuesday 1st May,
so to catch-up ...
The rain has stopped, the sun is shining but the air is still a touch chilly as we left Clivedon with a narrowboat not far behind us
... to continue downstream where a few minutes later we see
... the old fella is snoozing with what look like pods in his ears today
... just before Boulters Lock at Maidenhead which is on self service but still with a stream decreasing notice displayed.

NB Jennifer Eccles catches up with us at the lock and George suggests that as I'm already operating the lock it would make sense that they go straight in so that they don't have to stop to pick up crew as they leave.
Approaching Maidenhead Bridge where nb Jennifer Eccles can be seen through the arch and a there's a cruiser coming towards us.
Our first 'baby' sighting
Cutting back the overhanging trees and clearing the branches from the river ... a job that is sorely needed in some areas/bends on the Thames just as it is on the canals.

Bray Lock next and it's very cosy in there with NB Jennifer Eccles!

On leaving Bray Lock we're soon passing Bray Marina - you can see the price of diesel - and I bet to those on the canals this looks very expensive.  It is!  We use Chris for our fuel whilst on the Thames and paid 94p pltr last time he called, still expensive compared with canal prices, but much better than the marinas.
A group of men looking at Bray Film Studios which has recently been granted planning permission to demolish part of it to create housing and to redevelop the mansion.  For the history of the film studio/Down Place click here.
Oakley Court was built adjacent to Down Place/Bray Studios in 1857
Looking back at some smart boats in Windsor Marina

I've never seen so many boats moored at the caravan/park homes site
... with exception of this one which has been here for a number of years.
I hope that space is still available on Thursday!

Passing St Mary Magdalene's Church as we approach Boveney Lock.  Once through the lock the River Thames currently has no stream warnings which is good news.
Rather than the big trip boats wanting to use the lock tying up on the lock landing, the pilot very gently (I would hope) puts the boat's bow (sharp end) between these post, hence the bowed shape!
One such trip boat but not all of them go through the lock
Our destination is in sight
... but chance of a mooring looks slim
If the council would move the fallen tree we'd fit in there!
We continued under the railway bridge and from there could see that there were no boats moored on the Brocas on the Eton side of the river but unfortunately the river bank seems to be collapsing making it impossible to get into the side for us.

We gave up trying to moor there and returned under the bridge at Baths Island where we'd noticed a possible space albeit close to the bridge and by a crack willow tree which has split and was resting on the ground.  Provided that we don't have any more wet and windy weather to bring down the rest of the tree, we decided that we'd be ok for a couple of days.
We still had a view though ... of St George's Chapel where there'll be a royal wedding this month.
Not a bad view over the meadow either near the bridge which leads into Windsor.

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